My focus as a photographer is on capturing beautiful architecture and interiors. I love exploring spaces and creating images that convey the feel of a three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional photograph. Through my images I explore the relationships between light, line, geometry, and space in both commercial and residential structures.

    My interest in architecture stems from a love of travel and a desire to photograph new and beautiful places. A six-month trip around the world included a number of cities with stunning contemporary architecture, such as Tokyo, London, and Berlin, and sparked a passion for photographing these buildings. Travel is still an important component of my work, with recent trips to Shanghai, Dubai, and Singapore.

    In “Solitary World”  I explore the effect of silhouetted figures standing alone in large, empty spaces. Always found situations, these figures give a sense of scale to the contemporary structures and create an air of isolation and loneliness. They also introduce an organic element that contrasts with the carefully constructed geometry of the architecture. This series is an ongoing project that continues to grow and evolve with each new situation.

contact: ray@rkimbrough.com